Summer Rain July 9, 2014

After summer rain

Air fresh, scent of moist, rich earth

Droplets on petals.

Art Prescription:  Set out for my evening walk with thunder in the far background. Next thing I know the wind kicks up and big drops begin to fall. I arrived home soaked…and happy for my garden!

Summer Rain 3 x 5

Spray It May 29, 2014

Spray it with color

Wine tastes like watermelon!

Both need newspaper!!

Art Prescription:  Remember eating watermelon and spitting the seeds out! Did your grandmother put a big piece of newspaper under the juicy watermelon? My day in a haiku!!

Spray Paint 1

Finger Painting September 27, 2013

Open door weather

My studio, my escape

Breeze sweeps my brushes.

Art Prescription:  And then don’t know what got into me, but I started finger painting. Squirting paint directly onto paper and spreading it with my fingers. It’s good to get your hands into a little paint now and then.

finger painting

Haiku April 23, 2013 Art Journey

Travel with no map?

Set sail without a compass?

Yep! An art journey!

Art Prescription:  I figure it takes me about 3 to 4 days to get into the zone. The zone of painting with abandonment…no thoughts what-so-ever about the finished product. It’s all about the journey. Watercolor, pastel, not working, sprayed it with the hose!! Yep, the hose. Drip dry. While still wet, ran my fingers through the paint, and then got my pink spray paint out. And this is as far as I got. Thinking a bird silhouette will finish it off.

roses and lace