Orange county clay

My shovel hits a hard spot

New Mandevilla.

Art Prescription:  Here is the finished piece. I decided to leave the painting loose and pen and ink some detail.

Planted this in my garden!

color sobresaliente!  outstanding color!


Mow, bend, stoop, and squat

Weed, dig, plant, water, and pray

For all that is good.

Art Prescription:  Went to the whirlpool for damage control…lol.

Index card with watercolor, pen and ink, and colored pencil:

Index card azaelia.jpeg

First anemone

Green grass squishes soft, bare feet,

In my spring garden!

Art Prescription:  Go out and sketch in your backyard!! Barefoot!!

First anemone


This index card, Haiku-O-Gram (™) is available in my etsy shop!


Rain and cold move in

Good weather to snuggle with

Furry family.

Art Prescription:  I continue to get things ready for spring… Watercolor pencil and ink on 3 x 5 index card.

Garden II index card

Pansy bed, new thyme

Dig, clip, prune, plant, and water

Spring garden arrives!

Art Prescription:  Planting for spring sketching!! A whole new bed of pansies and violas!! Also added rosemary and thyme for tasty spring cooking. Markers on a 3 x 5 index card.

Garden index card

Programed to bloom pink

Roses explode with spring glee

Blush with rich color!!

Art Prescription:  The garden is taking off now…roses, phlox, Gerber daisies! The roses are always so fresh. We cut them and bring them inside to enjoy their natural perfume. What’s blooming in your yard?

pink roses

A carpet of phlox

Wanders over the spring ground

Greeting tall tulips.

Art Prescription: Fall efforts delight the garden!