Sketching with Matilda November 15, 2016

Warm and cozy eve

Care for a special kitty

Sketch with Matilda.

Art Prescription:  Those of you who have been reading my blog for a while know Matilda, the cat I helped rescue from 9 degree winter nights. She then found her forever home with my neighbors, and lucky me I pet sit her often as they are world travelers! I love her like one of my own, and when her parents are gone I sketch and read at her house.


Backyard May 1, 2015

Squirreling away seed

Little “hands” work to gather

Sunflower seed pet.

Art Prescription:  It’s hard to feed the birds and not the squirrels. They are master-minds at breaking bird feeders. So I enjoy watching their acrobatic antics.

8 1/2 x 8 1/2 watercolor and chop that says “hope”

Backyard squirrel

Haiku November 20, 2012 Solitude

Alone, not lonely

Shear peacefulness, quiet bliss

Hear your own footsteps!

Art Prescription:  Do you enjoy being alone? I do. Even more so when the world is whirling away at the speed of light. I love it so quiet that the only thing I hear are the squirrels chattering, the birds chirping, and the crunch of leaves under each step! and the swish of my paint brush!

Haiku October 7, 2012 Jewels

Last weekend light fades

Squirrels scamper to their nests

Jewels fall from trees!

Art Prescription:  Long lived weekend! Yard work, pumpkins, cupcakes!! Lots of being outside! Try watercolor sketching a leaf or two! This one will go out as a Haiku O Gram tomorrow!!

Haiku February 24, 2012

Valentine roses

Faded while impatient March

Threatens to blow in.

Art Prescription: Each spring as cold and warm air meet here in North Carolina we have thunderstorms and high winds. I worry about the birds and the squirrels and their nests. I always have to remind myself that “Mother Nature Knows Best.”

The storms do pass…just as with life. Write about a stormy time in your life, vent. No one else needs to see, but getting it down and out will serve you well.