Collage Dream July 15, 2014

Shelter from the storm

A brown card-board box offered

To a stray black cat.

Art Prescription:  While I’m working and preparing to roll out my ideas for collage ephemera on Etsy, painting and cutting, and taking pictures, etc. Blackie, the local stray, occupies my mind. I’m feeding him and giving him some de-worm medicine. He sits cautiously at least 3 feet away. Meanwhile, I’m excited to offer some hand-painted collage pieces for art journaling and mixed media!

blackie 2Butterfly kit

Help One Another July 1, 2014

Still, he laid in cool

I crouched towards him, this stray cat

Hand out, mean no harm.

Art Prescription:  Blackie the stray cat is still around. He seems content to eat at my neighbors and rest under porches in the shade. He is still very timid. We are trying to see what we need to do to help him. He may actually be living the life of grandeur, free to roam, basking in the sun or shade, scratching real trees, chasing bugs…


Haiku May 7, 2012 Stray

Black and white kitty

Where do you live pretty cat?

Friendly meow-er.

Art Prescription:  Oh dear for the 5th day in a row there is a black and white cat wandering around my street. I, of course, gave it food and water and some attention. By today I am highly suspicious she is a stray. Put signs up around neighborhood and rode my bike around to ask, “do you know this cat?” Why would the universe send me a stray cat right now with Surtex, New York coming immediately? There is always time to love…