July 3, 2013 Satisfaction

Between the thunder

Sweet satisfaction of sun

Round raindrops glisten.

Art Prescription:  Here in NC we’ve had a deluge of storms. Seems for days thunder has been rumbling. So when the sun came out today, I rushed off to the pool to get some laps in!! Satisfaction comes in many forms, and I’m super excited to announce the launch of my new checks, checkbooks, and address labels!! http://new.checkadvantage.com/beverly-dyer-bio


Haiku March 15, 2013 Sunshine

And always the sun

Bright light, fills house with warm glow

Still cold March morning.

Art Prescription:  I love the sun pouring through my windows in the morning.

This is a start of a new painting done with watercolor and salt. I love this effect, thought I’d share. Stay tuned for next step.

Sometimes if you can’t think of what to paint, try laying down your favorite colors (add plenty of pigment), allowing them to mix and run and blend. Sprinkle salt while still wet and wait for magic to happen as it dries.

colored pencil 004

Haiku March 14, 2012

A bee buzzed my head

Surely she did not fancy

Me a sweet flower!

Art Prescription: Okay so lately I’ve been a bit of a bear. End of winter, lacking sunshine, too many life changes… Well it happens. That’s when you need to sing the blues. Meet yourself where you are right now and find a way to express it.