New Card Collection May 16, 2014

Packaging new cards

Mourning dove lands, beak full straw

Nest, out my window.

Art Prescription:  A great example of why I love working from home! Hot off presses, my newest note card collection, Blue Skies of Mapleview Collection, a set of art cards featuring horses. While packaging in my warehouse (dining room table), I noticed a pair of morning doves building a nest. Back and forth they went while I folded, counted, and packaged cards. I picked up my binoculars to check them out a little closer. How lovely.

Blue Skies Collection

Haiku May 17, 2013 Real Friends

Ode to real girlfriends

True, honest fashion advice

Hold hand, jump with you!!

Art Prescription:  I leave soon to New York for Surtex! EEkk!.. Oddly I’m pretty calm. But that’s thanks to my very good friend who has walked me through this week on many levels. Long walks in our neighborhood, helped me load my new (wink) Ipad with my portfolio, and finally sat while I tried on multiples of outfits to determine which ones are right for the show. Deep and great bows to you my friend!! You know who you are. Wine and report of show in our near future!!

envelope flowers III

Haiku May 14, 2013 Surtex

Countdown to Surtex

So I dig, plant annuals

Get myself grounded.

Art Prescription:  I leave in a couple of days for Surtex in New York. I’m both excited and nervous. I’ve done this show a few times, but every year it all feels new. Along with Surtex is the National Stationery Show, the Contemporary Furniture Show, and this year an arts and crafts section which I’m thrilled to see. I do love home though, so today I worked a bit planting my garden so I have peace to come back to!

girly peace

Haiku April 30, 2013 Come and Gone

Another April!

Blue roses sparkle dreamy

Garden filled with hopes!

Art Prescription:  “To live is so startling, it leaves little time for anything else.” …….Emily Dickinson

This is the way I feel looking at a meadow of wildflowers and not being able to draw each and every one!!

bd bold teal 6 x 8