Poetics August 9, 2014

To swim, poetic

Pause to take a deep breath, stroke

Rhythm, flow, water.

Art Prescription:  Was thinking today as I was swimming how poetry and swimming are similar. There is a cadence to my stroke, a rhythm as I kick my feet, a pause as I turn my head to breathe. For me this is a moving meditation. Colored pencil and pen and ink 3 x 5 index card.

Swim 3 x 5.jpg

Haiku April 5, 2013 Rhythm of Life

Water feels like silk

Relish the quiet, just swim

Rhythm of the pool.

Art Prescription:  Loud people and places drain me. After a while of sensory overload I feel you could bounce a quarter off my skin. The perfect antidote to re-balance myself is a swim! The steady strokes and silence of the water soothes my nervous system. And of course – expressive art journaling!

just be you