Trail Ride

Sun dapples on trail

Clip clop of horse hooves through rich

Autumn kissed forest.

Finn and I walked for a couple of miles through beautiful fall-like trails. He was such a good boy!

Trail Ride May 11, 2016

Through deep shaded woods

And grassy fields by the cows

Spun the breadths of blue!

Art Prescription:  My horse under me connects me to the ground, the world, my life. So beautiful to see my dear friends on their horses ahead of me. All baggage left at the barn. Only joy rides along with us now. Blue Skies.Trail Ride

Sketch with watercolor

Blue Skies July July 26, 2014

Body moves in time

Her white hips sway and sashay

By the lush corn field.

Art Prescription:  A majestic trail ride this morning with Lacey! I felt we moved as one through the wooded path and around tall, lush corn stalks. Except, she cheated and took a bite out of one…don’t tale!

Blue Skies July

Simply Love May 28, 2014

Out beyond the gate

I find my breath, deep and full

On a white mare’s back.

Art Prescription:  Rode Lacey today! Some ring work…my trot a little better…and then off into the woods and corn-fields. Lean forward going up-hill and lean back going down hill. I try to let her rhythm carry my body. Trust, let go and breathe. Folks this is big.

new pencils 1