Open studio

Warm, bright, space where I create

Welcome friends, neighbors!

Art Prescription:  Today was a cold, wet, rainy day! And my friends and neighbors still came out to celebrate my open studio with me. Thanks y’all!! For those of you who live a little far off…


Farm entrance, dogwood

Cockle-berry takes hitch-hike

Horses in the woods.

Art Prescription:  Both of us in need of clearing our minds, my friend and I. I went and led Finn out of the woods, rode a bit. Then we both took in the calm that is the farm, to clear our heads and sketch!

Blue Skies Oct 13

Has your address changed?

Some wander, blown about, seeds

Others grow deep roots.

Art Prescription:  It’s good to know where your heart is.

Art journal oct 3.jpg

Bugs, travel, Paris

Retro romantic notion

Next, New York City!

Art Prescription:  Although this piece is not done, I thought I would share it. Since I’ve no flowers in my garden I have to find inspiration elsewhere. I’ve always had a thing for old cars…so this is a start of a new series!! Vrooooommmm! Shall I paint the sky a light blue?

Paris Bug

Cold snap, air crisp, dry

Winter pushes fall aside

Butterflies flee south.

Art Prescription:  The weather is making a shift this week. I’ve not put a single bulb in!


Purple mountain range
Bright waves of pink and orange
Follow the sunset.


Travel with a book

With your imagination

Or pack bags and go!

Art Prescription:  Some people love to travel and others are home-bodies. A “vacation” is necessary for your mind, body, and spirit. How do you get away?