Retro Volkswagon November 25, 2013

Bugs, travel, Paris

Retro romantic notion

Next, New York City!

Art Prescription:  Although this piece is not done, I thought I would share it. Since I’ve no flowers in my garden I have to find inspiration elsewhere. I’ve always had a thing for old cars…so this is a start of a new series!! Vrooooommmm! Shall I paint the sky a light blue?

Paris Bug

Haiku July 21, 2013 Travel

Her yellow suitcase

Is packed thanks to the cosmos

Wait, the sunflower!

Art Prescription:  I adore watching the bees hover around my garden filling their pollen pouches with yellow gold. They get so loaded down, and yet they move on to the next bloom and the next…clearly inebriated!  New wedding invitation designs!


Haiku May 14, 2013 Surtex

Countdown to Surtex

So I dig, plant annuals

Get myself grounded.

Art Prescription:  I leave in a couple of days for Surtex in New York. I’m both excited and nervous. I’ve done this show a few times, but every year it all feels new. Along with Surtex is the National Stationery Show, the Contemporary Furniture Show, and this year an arts and crafts section which I’m thrilled to see. I do love home though, so today I worked a bit planting my garden so I have peace to come back to!

girly peace