Girlfriends, walks and talks

Share a tale, solve a story

Ain’t heavy, sister.

Art Prescription:  Having women friends is way cool…especially friends you can create with!!


Through long green grass fields

Into the woods, by cows, geese,

Trail ride perfection!

Art Prescription:  Spring experienced on the back of a horse is bliss. Look down and see wildflowers at their feet. Watch their ears and eyes as they take it all in. You are on their back and they carry you with each step, mutual trust!

Trail Ride April 2

Rows of white fences

Tall yellow golden daisies

Hug the country road.

Art Prescription:  I’m working on trust and courage… How bout you?

horse trust

It’s all about trust

Bare-back on a horse, they know

It’s one to one now.

Art Prescription:  Had my first Intuitive Horseback Riding lesson today, bare-back!! Did yoga on a horse to start, and then practiced closing my eyes and feeling how the horse was stepping next.

trust horses

Fluffy pink, blue clouds

Float in a sea of grey sky

Trust the sun will come!

Art Prescription:  Sometimes you just have to TRUST the next thing will happen! And it will be alright!


Earth trusts sun to rise

Birds, confident, sing morning

Faith, hope, assurance.

Art Prescription: Things I want more of in 2013! Faith in others, honesty from others, trust in myself. Assurance, like the birds, to just sing!!


Extra wheels balance

Side to side, wobble, and weave

All at once, the launch!

Art Prescription:  How does one find balance? It takes support and trust once the “training wheels” are gone. Trust in yourself!

pom 72