Remembrance Trees

I’ve been working with UNC Hospitals for years creating Remembrance Trees.

I’m so honored these trees are used in a process for healing as participants write on leaves which are glued to the tree.

I’ve created Four new trees during this covid pandemic.

Remembering Tree November 5, 2013

Remembering tree

An act of art to mourn loss

You are not alone.

Art Prescription:  My stark tree coming to life as people remember a loved one. Through art, people grieve, feel less alone in their sorrow, and create beauty. Thank you Heidi Gessner, UNC Bereavement Coordinator, for inviting me to be a part of this service!

remembering tree 2013

Watercolor Wings September 30, 2013

A soothing series

Flitter, flutter, butterflies

Collection of wings!

Art Prescription:  Taking a subject and doing multiples is skill building. You find out what works and what doesn’t, you can play with color, size, and composition.  I’m doing these for a note card design for UNC Hospitals. Which one do you like?

studio group

Haiku April 2, 2013 Verve

New watercolor

Turquoise! Verve! blend of blue-green

A vase of flowers!

Art Prescription:  I went to my favorite art-store today for canvases for a project I’m doing for UNC Hospitals. Of course no art-store expedition is complete without buying a new paint color! I bought a luscious turquoise and viola…flowers!

turquoise dream