Index card lighthouseDoers and dreamers

Plan for a trip by the sea

Destination, peace.

Art Prescription:  A quick little sketch on an index card.


Open studio

Warm, bright, space where I create

Welcome friends, neighbors!

Art Prescription:  Today was a cold, wet, rainy day! And my friends and neighbors still came out to celebrate my open studio with me. Thanks y’all!! For those of you who live a little far off…


Farm entrance, dogwood

Cockle-berry takes hitch-hike

Horses in the woods.

Art Prescription:  Both of us in need of clearing our minds, my friend and I. I went and led Finn out of the woods, rode a bit. Then we both took in the calm that is the farm, to clear our heads and sketch!

Blue Skies Oct 13

Colorful journey

Air, sunshine and laid-back vibe

Relax and recharge.

Art Prescription:  Tired after my RN day…found poetry. Yes, I do notice the “get-away” theme.

3 x 5 index card art. I love being able to do these! Brings me satisfaction to the most stressful days.

Index card colorful

After summer rain

Air fresh, scent of moist, rich earth

Droplets on petals.

Art Prescription:  Set out for my evening walk with thunder in the far background. Next thing I know the wind kicks up and big drops begin to fall. I arrived home soaked…and happy for my garden!

Summer Rain 3 x 5

A new magazine

The air conditioner churns

Cool air sweeps my cheeks.

Art Prescription:  What a luxury! To pause in the middle of the day to rest and peruse my newest Stampington magazine. Inspiration page to page. And my garden abloom.

my garden

Sounds of the steel drums

Blast from a speaker on wheels

Time for ice-cream truck!

Art Prescription:  Did you have an ice-cream truck come through your neighborhood in summer?

Seaside III