Gardening gadget

An old pair of shears to cut

A vase of posies.

Art Prescription:  Just simply graphite…so soothing.

Index card with graphite:

Index card 2017 19 Gadget.jpeg

Eclectic vintage

Mini-garden, place to rest

Pots of flowers, herbs.

Art Prescription:  I’m caring for my neighbor’Hal's Gardens home and sweet cat while they are away. Today I watered their garden. 


Thick, humid July

Grey broody sky hangs heavy

Sly seasonal shift.

Art Prescription:  Twas unusually quiet on my evening walk. Just a couple of frogs croaking and an occasional bird. I sense the season beginning to change. Spring and summer are petering out, and though we have many warm days ahead, there is a subtle change in the air.

This is a work in progress with many layers so far…not sure where it’s going…


Yard swing, days gone by

Time to set a while, talk slow

Linger in the shade.

Art Prescription:  Iconic scene. A century old farm house. An outside setting with a swing for getting together in the yard.

butterfly country life

One painting, three moods

Pale shy, young. Sultry, dark, plum

Gone too far, vintage.

Art Prescription:  Sometimes nothing feels exactly right…

shy rosesultry rosevintage rose