Be Who You Are September 21, 2015

Blue in the face from

Trying to be heard, the rose

Became a daisy.

Art Prescription:  So why not be a daisy in the first place? Did she think a rose was better? When we find ourselves projecting, over explaining (boy that takes a lot of energy), feeling defensive, being judgmental, it’s time to dust off our boundary lessons. When we feel we have reincarnated the goddess Kali and start on a destructive rampage, it’s time to dust off our boundary lessons. From Pixie Lighthorse’s Boundaries Boot Camp with Mountain Lion:

“In healthy relationships, a boundaries practice and language feels like self-care. They might feel more like good, sturdy fences in less-than-healthy ones. You can still see over them. Energy can still pass through from a safe distance, but trespassing is not permitted.”

Reach for the sun dear daisy, grow and be gracious. We cannot all be daisies!

8 x 8 alcohol ink on watercolor paper:

Alcohol ink daisy 1