Can the rose define

Flowers, well if anyone

She can say it all.

Art Prescription:  I adore everything about roses…their smell, their soft, velvet petals, their slight attitude with thorns…and the simple fact that a bunch of roses says love.

8 x 8 watercolor



Winter can feel like

Time underwater, spring is

Coming up for air.

Art Prescription:  Hard to go inside these days…I’ve got a pair of blue birds checking out the bird house right outside my studio window. How delightful if they take up residence and I can watch them raise a brood!

Watercolor on Yupo (first time on Yupo and I’m not sure what I’m doing)

Roses on Yupo 72

Rain drops on roses

And watercolor, few of

My favorite things.

Art Prescription:  Day 53 in the Index Card A Day prompt!!

watercolor on index card

ICAD 53 Rain

Pause, ponder, produce

The muse, her senses keen, waits

Open door, “Come in.”

Art Prescription:  So my good friend Farley said to me today, “pause, ponder, produce.” I just adore that. I invite you to do the same!! And let your muse in to “pause, ponder, produce.” Aho!

Farley Rose


Sunshine hits my face

In yoga, crosses my mat

Move to downward dog.

Art Prescription:  Dear Earth Mother, Bless those who may be out in the cold tonight. My heat runneth over and I am eternally grateful.

Chianti Roses IV

Got holiday blues?

Cope with creativity!

Draw, paint, write, journal!

Art Prescription:  As the year comes to close I come full circle with the intention of the Art Prescription. Creativity is healing. Making art boosts your feel good hormones and makes your immune system stronger. So…while you are making your new years resolution list…add something creative, like keeping a daily journal. Go ahead. Buy something pretty and just start! It will do your spirit good!

Winter Blues

Programed to bloom pink

Roses explode with spring glee

Blush with rich color!!

Art Prescription:  The garden is taking off now…roses, phlox, Gerber daisies! The roses are always so fresh. We cut them and bring them inside to enjoy their natural perfume. What’s blooming in your yard?

pink roses