Still wet from the rain

Cut delicate pink roses

Adorn a glass vase.

Art Prescription:  Oh how I will miss being able to go out into the garden for freshly cut flowers.

Watercolor on 5 x 7 bristol


Roses in the bud

Fill a mason jar with joy

A simple pleasure.

Art Prescription:  When it comes right down to pleasure, simple is perfect! Not that “perfect” matters at all when it comes to the heart. More that you experience a moment or two of joy…this is living.

Watercolor 8 1/2 x 11

Posey Roses

World without judgement

No place for criticism

Acceptance is love.

Art Prescription:  In the current atmosphere of severe judgement, I hope we each can go deep in our hearts and accept others with love.


Butterfly lantana 1

Full…a red ball jar

Perfect white hydrangeas

Simple, elegant.

Art Prescription: A watercolor sketch on watercolor paper…

White hydrangeas

The wind in your hair

Self-propelled forward motion

Freedom from engine.

Art Prescription:  And on the beach…

8 x 8 watercolor sketch:


Freshly cut flowers

Seems trees have changed overnight

Mason Jar posy.

Art Prescription:  We are so lucky here in North Carolina that flowers continue to bloom on through October. We haven’t had that first cold frost yet. So I happily plucked a Mason Jar full of flowers and set about to watercolor them. Makes me about as happy as anything…

8 1/2 x 11 watercolor on 140 lb watercolor paper

Fall Posey 72

Afternoon shadows

Fall on black cows in pasture

Grain bin keeps the gate.

Art Prescription: As I do most Fridays after my two RN days, I headed out to see Finn at the farm. I can be completely exhausted, and my visit with the horses and fresh air renews my spirit. On the way home I take in the gently rolling pastures. Today a herd of black cows against the green pasture made me pull over. As I sat in a drive a white truck approached me. “You okay honey.” “Yes sir, I just pulled off to take a picture of your cows, may I.” “You sure can. Did ya see the babies? They are probably off down near the woods. They are purdy.” He backed up the drive. He had only come down to see if I needed help. Country. A far cry from the news of the day. Just people watching out for each other. I got my photo and headed home. Sigh…

Watercolor sketch 8 x 8

Black Cows