Watercolor in the Garden

I led a watercolor sketching class this morning at the NC Botanical Garden.

We wore masks and practiced social distancing.

And oh how wonderful to be in a place full of beauty.

I did quick demos of three techniques: watercolor brush, watercolor pencil, and negative painting.

Here is my demo piece reworked with layers of watercolor and pen and ink.

Haiku October 7, 2012 Jewels

Last weekend light fades

Squirrels scamper to their nests

Jewels fall from trees!

Art Prescription:  Long lived weekend! Yard work, pumpkins, cupcakes!! Lots of being outside! Try watercolor sketching a leaf or two! This one will go out as a Haiku O Gram tomorrow!!

Haiku September 12, 2012 Butterflies

Butterflies, skippers

Flicker flower to flower

Sweet September treat.

Art Prescription:  Another astonishing North Carolina day! I packed up my “art wagon,” and headed over to the NC Botanical Garden to watercolor sketch. It’s really my garden wagon, but works perfect for field-sketching. My paint, paper, pens, water, water holder, snack, and bug spray all fit neatly, then the handle folds back to create the perfect flower-level seat. This is the second piece of work in a new collection I’m calling “Watercolor Fresh.” Each piece starts as a watercolor sketch, expressive. Then I let the random shapes suggest detail with pen and ink. It’s very relaxing because there is no right or wrong, I’m just working (as I tell my workshop participants) with what is happening on the paper!! Try it!!

Haiku September 11, 2012 Quiet Reverie

Quiet day in thought

Back porch geraniums glow

Catch September light.

Art Prescription:  As much as I love fall and the cooler weather, I will miss my colorful blooming garden. So I spent today capturing my back-porch geraniums with watercolor and ink. This technique allows for expressive brush work. I use a brush designed for Chinese brush painting, just one brush. I stroke in impressionistic shapes, let that dry, and then go back in with pen and ink for a hint of detail. I think this is my favorite way to paint!!