Last weekend light fades

Squirrels scamper to their nests

Jewels fall from trees!

Art Prescription:  Long lived weekend! Yard work, pumpkins, cupcakes!! Lots of being outside! Try watercolor sketching a leaf or two! This one will go out as a Haiku O Gram tomorrow!!

Butterflies, skippers

Flicker flower to flower

Sweet September treat.

Art Prescription:  Another astonishing North Carolina day! I packed up my “art wagon,” and headed over to the NC Botanical Garden to watercolor sketch. It’s really my garden wagon, but works perfect for field-sketching. My paint, paper, pens, water, water holder, snack, and bug spray all fit neatly, then the handle folds back to create the perfect flower-level seat. This is the second piece of work in a new collection I’m calling “Watercolor Fresh.” Each piece starts as a watercolor sketch, expressive. Then I let the random shapes suggest detail with pen and ink. It’s very relaxing because there is no right or wrong, I’m just working (as I tell my workshop participants) with what is happening on the paper!! Try it!!

Quiet day in thought

Back porch geraniums glow

Catch September light.

Art Prescription:  As much as I love fall and the cooler weather, I will miss my colorful blooming garden. So I spent today capturing my back-porch geraniums with watercolor and ink. This technique allows for expressive brush work. I use a brush designed for Chinese brush painting, just one brush. I stroke in impressionistic shapes, let that dry, and then go back in with pen and ink for a hint of detail. I think this is my favorite way to paint!!