Enter Winter November 1, 2016

Cozy cloudy day

Made for comforters and cats

And hot chocolate.

Art Prescription:  Not how I spent my day…well maybe the comforter and cat bit for a while. Went for a morning swim, worked on my Open Studio post card, and then Finn had a chiropractor appointment.

8 1/2 x 11 watercolor

Noir Meadow 1.jpeg

Watercolor Trees: Expressive Painting May 3, 2015

Student, you teach me

Trust me to a blank paper

Then your muse responds.

Art Prescription:  I taught a great class today at the North Carolina Botanical Gardens. It is a wonderful thing to encourage people to be expressive. To give adults permission to play and respond to the paint and not their brain can be a challenge. It always amazes me to see each person tap into their voice…

Here are my finished demonstration pieces:

Trees expressive blown

Blown trees with sumi-ink and watercolor.

Trees expressive

Loose wet into wet watercolor trees.