Sketching Fall Wildfowers

I had a lovely group this morning at the North Carolina Botanical Garden.

I showed them three techniques for capturing the essence of fall wildflowers.

Brush painting with watercolor.

Drawing with watercolor pencils and adding water.

Negative painting.

Bonus: pen and ink.

I did a demo of negative painting to capture these tiny asters. Then I added pen to suggest detail.

Thank you dear readers for your support. Art will pull me through.

Be well,


Wreaths April 26, 2016

Fresh wildflower wreaths

With pansies, bluets, roses

Bountiful circle.

Art Prescription: Anything in a circle is so pleasing. I think it taps into something deep and symmetrical in our DNA. It’s fun to make a real nature mandala. These are made with models from my garden and watercolor.

Watercolor 8 x 8 work in progress studio shot…

Wildflower wreaths