Final zinnias

Adorn the garden, leaves fall

A final farewell.

Art Prescription:  I will miss cut flowers! In exchange we get cool, cozy, sweatshirt weather!

Watercolor and colored pencil:

Zinnias 2.jpg

In field of plenty

Grateful for the chance to bloom

Flowers beam with pride.

Art Prescription:  As always when I have a chance to share watercolor, personalities blossom. It’s a bit of a hard task I ask…to let go…let the paint do the work…stay in the now. I so enjoy where each individual takes this.

Here is my first wash:

Watercolor lesson I.jpeg

And here are the flowers that bloomed:

Watercolor lesson II.jpeg

Familiar blooms

Return each year along path

Rhythm of nature.

Art Prescription:  I’m a creature of habit. I like familiar. I like home. I like to see nature’s bounty each year in all my familiar places.

8 1/2 x 11 watercolor


Case of mulleygrubs

Cure is a cake or red dress

Or watercolor.

Art Prescription:  I first heard of “mulleygrubs” from Ginger Andrews’ poem “The Cure.”

“The cure for the mulleygrubs,

she tells my sister,

is to get up and bake a cake.

If that doesn’t do it, put on a red dress.”

It seems listening to the news is causing me a sure case of mulleygrubs, so I paint and paint and paint!! And maybe pray…

Purple Pleasure.jpeg


Dream time while I sleep

Backed out of drive, spun and slid

Comforter calls me.

Art Prescription: Had my swim-suit on ready to go! Thawed my van…backed out…and went absolutely nowhere! Plan B: walked and bird-watched…lovely.

And painted:

Snow Flowers II.jpeg

Moonlight sonata

Can you hear the beautiful

As the day settles?

Art Prescription:  Emotional week here in America. To soothe my soul I return to nature and her rhythms.

8 x 8 watercolor with bleach:

Moonlight sonata.jpeg

Rich against fall sky

Trees glow with their final burst

Season finale.

Art Prescription:  Horse rode, bike rode, salt bath…pooped.

6 x 9 watercolor

Fall 2016 1.jpeg