Haiku June 3, 2013 Storm Front

Dark storm front sweeps in

Meadow moves, chaotic waves

June rain soaks garden.

Art Prescription: Watching a rolling storm front move in is miraculous. Clouds constantly changing, wind picks up, temperature drops. The smell of rain coming…quick…go inside! Downpour.

storm front

Haiku March 24, 2013 Rain Hike

Rainy day nature

Sharp wind blows umbrella up!

Peaceful, creek babbles.

Art Prescription:  Even on a grey, windy, rainy, cold, day, I need to get out and convene with nature! Nature walking in the rain is actually quiet soothing. Droplets pitter-patter your umbrella, everything smells fresh, and the sounds of water running downstream is musical.

Purple Wildflower Meadow

Haiku January 17, 2013 Snow Day

Chance of snow flurries

Stirs fun childhood memories

A day off! to start!!

Art Prescription:  The excitement of a winter storm warning here in North Carolina permeates the air. Bet the grocery shelves are stripped clean of milk and bread!! Kind-of funny, kind of real! Confession…I find myself looking out the window…is it snowing yet!!

Beverage napkin 2

Haiku January 16, 2013 Rx for Rainy Day

Another grey day

Crawl in bed pull covers up?

Or paint a rainbow!!

Art Prescription:  Human nature, grey-rainy days equals hibernation. The pull of warm covers and a hubby taking a nap….noooooooooo! So I went to swim!! Came home energized! Another “Stripe” painting. Turned it sideways for a little sunrise surprise!

Stripes II