Time for Class August 26, 2016

Adult coloring

A garden on paper for

Colored pencil fun.

Art Prescription:  Tomorrow I’m teaching an adult coloring class at the NC Botanical Garden. “Teaching” coloring doesn’t really represent what I do. What I will really be doing is giving adults permission to play. To allow themselves the freedom to put color to paper while their blood pressure, heart rate, and breathing all slow down to a meditative state.

Here is my colored version of the pen and ink:

Wildflower 2016 color 72

Summer Color August 19, 2016

Oh summer…don’t go

Leave us pretty butterflies

And please, the flowers.

Art Prescription:  As much as I want the weather to cool down, I realize how much summer offers each day. My garden is a-buzz with bees, and 3-4 different butterfly species. Hummingbirds drop in for some nectar as well.

I went to sketch at the North Carolina Botanical Garden today to prepare a piece for my adult coloring class offered August 27, 2 – 4.

Now I get to color!!

Wildflower of year 2016