Quiet Woods March 18, 2014

My steps and tree frogs

Miniature waterfalls

Only sounds in woods.

Art Prescription:  It is too quiet in the woods for a March day. After another wintry weather day, the creek is full and there is a steady drip-drop off the trees. Wet, cold, misty…why would anyone be out bird-watching!! I scan the trees for owls!! Saw a hawk and a cute little Kinglet.

Holiday Countdown 2

Haiku September 20, 2012 Closet Moves

Shorts start to recede

Jackets, sweaters take center

Soon coats will appear.

Art Prescription:  It was 54 degrees when I left the house this morning. On the bus into work I notice the exchange of summer shorts and flip-flops for a bit more coverage. Scarves, fashionable year-round, now start to take on functionality. I love the change of seasons! As the trees begin to lose their leaves, us humans begin to layer.  Notice each day the subtle…