Haiku January 17, 2013 Snow Day

Chance of snow flurries

Stirs fun childhood memories

A day off! to start!!

Art Prescription:  The excitement of a winter storm warning here in North Carolina permeates the air. Bet the grocery shelves are stripped clean of milk and bread!! Kind-of funny, kind of real! Confession…I find myself looking out the window…is it snowing yet!!

Beverage napkin 2

Haiku January 16, 2013 Rx for Rainy Day

Another grey day

Crawl in bed pull covers up?

Or paint a rainbow!!

Art Prescription:  Human nature, grey-rainy days equals hibernation. The pull of warm covers and a hubby taking a nap….noooooooooo! So I went to swim!! Came home energized! Another “Stripe” painting. Turned it sideways for a little sunrise surprise!

Stripes II