Haiku August 5, 2013 Nature Tactics

Army of songbirds

Descend on intruder hawk

The war of nature.

Art Prescription:  While taking a ride on my bike, I noticed a bunch of racket going on in the woods. I stopped and scanned the trees for the action. Then I saw a rooster-sized hawk being bombarded by many songbirds…cardinals, bluejays, woodpeckers…They were all working as a team to make the intruder flee. Finally after much feather pecking, the hawk took off to nearby pines. The persistent songbirds followed. Amazing!

August Hawk

Haiku December 25, 2012 Peace on Earth

A voice sang from woods

Peace on earth, goodwill to man

Many answered call!!

Art Prescription:  Beautiful Christmas day here in North Carolina. Spent it with my soul-mate walking in the woods, doing a Christmas day bird count, and a bit of sketching…bliss…shear bliss. I highly recommend it. This new year go out and buy yourself a sketchbook. Simply take notice of your surroundings. Especially when you are too busy…just ten minutes of joy and a change in brain chemistry!

poinsettia bird song

Haiku December 22, 2012 Flock as One

A wave of blackbirds

Move as one mass over trees

Wings vibrate the air!

Art Prescription:  Instead of the mall, my love and I walked almost 6 miles in the woods today, which seemed to be brimming with activity…snow coming? As we walked our familiar path a flock of black-birds came up across the trees with an amazing presence. The sound of thousands of birds chirping, and the thunder-like vibration of their one for all flight, shook the woods. I stood in the brown, grassy meadow in complete awe, and wholly grateful for this serene moment.

Mason Farm blackbirds

Haiku November 25, 2012 Leaf Quilt

Beneath the leaf quilt

Wildflowers wait patiently

While winter performs!

Art Prescription:  Even though the woods seem very quiet now, how nice, there is always a lot going on underneath the surface. Don’t let the cold keep you indoors. Put on a scarf, big coat, and mittens, and go out into nature! A red cardinal sitting on a winter branch is stunning!