Carolina Wrens

And House Wrens sound out vocals

Big songs, little birds.

Art Prescription: Wrens are one of my favorites. I love their ducking gestures.

This is going to be my fourth Stitch Kit! Super excited to launch:

Haiku December 17, 2012 True Friendship

Friendship! A vessel

To share woes and joys, lifetime

Lift a glass in cheer!

Art Prescription:  This is the time of the year to celebrate all we have to be grateful for!! I’m so lucky to have great friends who trade the woes and joys of life. Life is a roller-coaster! We all experience the ups and downs, the long clicks up the hill…and the exhilarating ride, thrilling…the tenacious curves…and the moment when we catch our breath, and go on to the next ride. Life is ever-changing…put on your seat-belt!! and make sure your best friend is along for the ride!

Fluff & Twinkle

Haiku February 4, 2012

Yellow sun rests while

Grey steady rain falls misting

Gracious thirsty green.


Art Prescription: Welcome to my new followers! I’m so glad you are here. Do you write haiku? If so email me and I’ll share.

A walk in a light rain reveals tulip and daffodil leaves peaking from the ground. Wrens and robins bouncing about. Fun to include that energy in art.