Mow, bend, stoop, and squat

Weed, dig, plant, water, and pray

For all that is good.

Art Prescription:  Went to the whirlpool for damage control…lol.

Index card with watercolor, pen and ink, and colored pencil:

Index card azaelia.jpeg

Love is currency

Thai soup, home-made bread, laundry!

Account status: Full!

Art Prescription:  In life there are many hours we simply cannot bill for. The major categories are house-work, yard-work, food gathering and preparing, and for mom’s with kids this list is infinity. The pay is love. Creativity comes in many forms!! What a luxury to be able to spend a day adding to life’s account with hand and heart!


Last weekend light fades

Squirrels scamper to their nests

Jewels fall from trees!

Art Prescription:  Long lived weekend! Yard work, pumpkins, cupcakes!! Lots of being outside! Try watercolor sketching a leaf or two! This one will go out as a Haiku O Gram tomorrow!!