Poise March 7, 2017

Gingko 72.jpg

And always have poise

Calmness, serenity, grace

Choose to rise above.

Art Prescription:  Each day life offers us many choices. I’ve often heard it’s not the situation, but how you cope that makes a difference.

Watercolor 8 1/2 x 11 (available soon in my Etsy shop!)

Dream Weaver October 3, 2016

A fall dream weaver

Work of spun art in hay room

What does your web catch?

Art Prescription:  So if your web catches ease with a focus on gratitude and all the good things in your life… what  do you weave? If your web catches stress and always looking for things to go wrong…what do you weave?

So like this spider who weaves her best web ever, can you expect good things to happen? Can you get away from the spider next door who says, “we won’t catch anything, it’s useless.”

Weave your web with joy and good things will come…

Watercolor sketch:


New Direction September 25, 2014

Through open windows

Comes fall and winds of new path

Trees let go with ease.

Art Prescription:  Are you wresting with letting go of something? Nature’s lesson this season is to let go and rest with full courage that new growth is next.  Collage, pen and ink, and colored pencil on an envelope. I thought about using pieces of the envelope in a collage, and then I thought why not just do art on the envelope!!

Mail art.jpg

Spa Time July 22, 2014


A place to go to deep breath

Regroup, rest, do art.

Art Prescription:  My assignment from a customer, spa art, has me day-dreaming about such a place. Waterfalls, massages, long walks in nature, time to contemplate, inspired art…Wanna go?

Here is how my piece from yesterday turned out.

ginko deep breath sign 2