7 thoughts on “Trees

  1. You paint such beautiful trees! I find them to be very hard subjects to paint even though they are ‘technically’ stationary creatures. It’s all about capturing their gestalt, the lay of the leaves and branches and, of course, the brilliant colors! Thank you for creating this very inspiring blog 🙂

    • Hi Gallivanta, Those are my chops, hand-carved in China. One says “Hope” or in Chinese “Rare Expectation.” The other is my name Bei Fu Li. I lived in Guam as a child, so have always been pulled towards Asian art. Thanks for asking! I enjoy them and want to get a small round one!

      • How lovely. I was curious because the other day I met a young lady with a bangle made of wooden beads given to her by her family (in China, I think). And each small bead had a hand carved character on it that meant something special, like Hope etc. I wondered if your red letters were similar and it seems they are. 🙂

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