Freshly fallen leaves

Quinacridone gold, ochre

And brilliant blues.

Art Prescription:  So many luscious colors in fall!

8 1/2 x 11 watercolor, watercolor pencil

trees fall leaves.jpg


You are not alone

A whole community waits

To embrace us all.

Art Prescription:  It’s okay to reach out. We all need community. We all need to feel loved.

8 /12 x 11 watercolor, my chop says “hope”

Iris 72.jpg

To stay or move on?

How do they know? These teachers

Of deepest instinct.

Art Prescription:  I added to my background from the other day with colored pencil and graphite…

birds prothonotary.jpg

Rain-forest sunrise

Water rolls off of wet leaves

Heat rises with steam.

Art Prescription:  Amazing where you can travel with art!!

8 1/2 x 11 watercolor and colored pencil

Rain Forest Morning 72.jpg

A simple bee sting

Has me with my leg up high

Watching the TV.

Art Prescription:  Not usually so tuned in to current news…I’m struggling with reality. We all want to feel a sense of pride for our country, right?

8 1/2 x 11 watercolor: Red, White, and Blue:

Botanical USA.jpg


Final zinnias

Adorn the garden, leaves fall

A final farewell.

Art Prescription:  I will miss cut flowers! In exchange we get cool, cozy, sweatshirt weather!

Watercolor and colored pencil:

Zinnias 2.jpg

Fresh open window

September butterflies flit

A leaf or two falls.

Art Prescription: Mixed-media:

Art journal butterflies September 72.jpg

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