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Hello friends and fellow bloggers,

I have a special treat for you today! I’ve been working with a group of young environmentalists to bring to life a body of kid’s art. Last summer these NC Kids painted their favorite NC threatened bird with my coaching.

Announcing The Threatened Bird Project Note Cards!! My company has produced this charming set of 12 note cards, and a portion of the proceeds will be donated to our local Audubon chapter.

Please visit my Etsy shop to make your purchase to support the birds!

Also visit my NC Threatened Bird Project page right here on the Art Prescription!

Endangered birds back card

At the sideline, I

Watch her canter through the field

I’m jealous and proud.

Art Prescription:  This beautiful young lady rides my horse Finn on Tuesdays. She loves him. Today I watched her ride and felt both a sense of true pride to see my beautiful horse move, and I have to admit, jealousy. It’s okay though, it’s a win-win, and is super good for him. He OF COURSE! knows I’m his momma and loves me MORE. LOL,  Sweet boy…

Finn and Laura.jpg

Hello, how are you?

Is your heart troubled, worried?

Get outside and smile.

Art Prescription:  End of winter, we all need a little vitamin D…or a little animal medicine.



Could be anywhere

Bright lights, crowds, music, and yet

Right now I’m so here!

Art Prescription:  Know what you need. Now…honor that. Simple.

Iphone photo Mapleview Farm, North Carolina

Cow sunset.jpg


Chickadees protest

The warm early setting sun

As the chill sinks in.

Watercolor and colored pencil:



Clear skies, hawks, blue birds

Early morning crisp, cold, air

I feed the horses.

Art Prescription: After a busy Open Studio, it was so peaceful to go out on a cold winter morning and be with the horses.

Horses blue skies.jpg

Little biddy bit

A new experience, farm

And great big horses!

Art Prescription: My friend Bonnie and her two sweet pups went to the farm today to meet the herd. It was so interesting to watch these tiny dogs with the horses. The one word that says it all is “gentle.” Both the dogs and the horses were calmly inquisitive, sniffing the other as if to say hello.

Iphone photo


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