nature photography

First truly cool day

The pool chairs all stacked up now

October takes hold.

Art Prescription:  Perfect for horseback riding!!


Fall meditation

Morning walk, collection, gifts

From nature’s bearings.

Art Prescription:  Who doesn’t love a collection? Eyes to the ground on my morning walk, I found much to collect and arrange.



Subtle season shift

Leaves begin to brown and fall

Birds feed on thistle.

Art Prescription:  This colored pencil piece is based on a photo by Mary Parker Sonis, an NC wildlife photographer.

8 1/2 x 11 colored pencil

Warbler 72

Seconds of my life

Click by on the microwave

Quick grits are ready!

Art Prescription:  And let’s remember each small thing. Lucky to have hot grits with butter, even if I did eat them standing up between patients. A bite here, ooh that’s hot, a bite there, more butter? What do elephants and grits have to do with one another? Hot grits…cute critter with flowers…TGIF y’all!

Index card with colored pencil

Index card elephant

Icicle cascade

Still fall of water, frozen

Before it hits ground.

Art Prescription:  It’s like a steady drip of water was suspended in time.

iPhoto black and white

icicle b and w

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