New Look!

Hi fellow creatives! I’m working hard to freshen up the Art Prescription and my Etsy shop. It’s been too long!

I’ll be adding new art and pages along the way as I get used to navigating a new theme.

I’m featuring my latest horse painting on the home page. Hope to be doing more large works.

I’ll see you later today with a new blog post.

For now check out the new look of my Etsy shop!



Travel Woes

Thunderstorm gridlock

Windshield wipers at top speed

Red brake lights for miles.

Art Prescription: Sam was due in at 3:30. Perfect, before rush hour traffic, we’d be home for a nice dinner.

Mother Nature had a different plan and 5 hours later we are home.

I sat in the cell-phone lot while he sat on the plane to wait the lightening out.

A few planes came in.

I had a piece of an envelope and spent some time drawing.

Many Renditions

So, this 36 x 36 painting has gone through many renditions.

I started with an abstract feel:

But this was cropped and the whole painting was not a good composition.

Then I added two horses:

And still there was something missing.

I’ve added a big sky, went into the painting with my fingers. Will see with fresh morning eyes whether this works!