The sky is grey, cold

Along the fence in pine woods

Yellow Buttercups!

Art Prescription: Early morning and cold, brrrr, feeding of horses.

Along the pine woods I noticed yellow buttercups raising their brave heads.

So beautiful waving to the horses to hold tight spring is coming.

Big black crows on fence

Never mind that ground-hog beast

Winter is not done!

Art Prescription: mixed media:

Birds sing denial

As they hunker down in wind

A cold front moves in.

Art Prescription: We have had spring weather for a week. The birds are going crazy, and trees are bursting into bloom.

But…hold up. Winter is coming back and so don’t put your coat up yet.

Graphite sketch: can’t wait to paint!


Ice-cream store parking is full

Respite from winter.

Art Prescription: spring is flirting with us on these warm days. Birds sing their mating calls.

I’m playing with new Caran D’ Ache crayons.

Remember…let go

Rewrite your story for now

Each chapter pure you.

Art Prescription: My last post was a dark emotional piece. Interesting not many readers “liked” it.

My Art Prescription mission has always been about using art to express emotions for the good of our health.

Tonight I reworked the house a bit. Our life stories go on and on, each day an opportunity to live authentically you.

Life is a work in progress.

Very loose mixed media:

By the old home place

The trees look big, the house small

Childhood memories.

Art Prescription: Funny how we remember things so much bigger when we are young.

The tire-swing on that backyard tree was still working. Banana seat bikes parked on the patio with chalk saying, “blue-racer.”

The stairs from one-split level to the next. Huge.

Wax crayons with water in my art journal:

Ball on frozen grass

Sits still, bereft of laughter

A winter playground.

Art Prescription: I wrote this haiku, then took the opportunity to play with pure graphite on a blue index card.

My chop says “hope.”

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