And Then

Trees wave in the breeze

Sun hits tips of new green leaves

Nature carries on.

Art Prescription: I’ve admired this Bush in a neighbor’s yard for weeks. Finally I saw her and she gave me permission to take a clipping.

I started with pen and ink:

And added watercolor:


Many sides of life

Content, aware, surprised, still

The world is now still.

Art Prescription: And during this stillness we can find beauty!

We hiked 2 1/2 hours this morning admiring all nature had to offer.

My “feral” cats are sticking pretty close to home.!

Here I did some loose sketching with a black watercolor pencil, then wet it with a brush pen.

Gifts from the Sea

Imagine the beach

The waves inhale and exhale

The earth is breathing

Art Prescription: We are grocery shopping for our neighbor who is 92. She’s very independent and spry as can be!

Yesterday she asked if I’d be interested in her shell collection.


I’m just starting to look through the jars of shells. I think I can smell the beach.

Can’t wait to look with closer eyes.

Art Journal

Hi you guys,

How are you managing this new world?

I hope you are finding some peace and well-being in your days.

I really enjoyed my color mixing yesterday and made a new hand-bound journal from my paintings.

Study in Green

Tree canopy bursts

A kaleidoscope of greens

The glory of spring.

Art Prescription: During my walk this morning I decided I would do a study of greens.

I laid out 3 yellows and 3 blues.

What fun!!

The images on the right will be new hand-bound art journals!



Just Listening

Dog barks, passing car

Cardinals chirp from tree tops

And now just footsteps.

Art Journal: On this page I used one of my First Day of Issue print offs in my collage.

I’ve listed several in my Etsy shop as downloads.