A hummingbird patch

Bright Red Cardinal Flowers

And the ZOOM is on!

Art Prescription: For a little diversion I went to the NC Botanical Garden today to sketch. The garden is full of life!

There is a large patch of Cardinal Flower, a hummingbird favorite, and I sat and watched.

Nature Journal w pen and ink:

Stitch by Stitch

Treading the needle

Embroidery thread getting

Tangled and then start.

Art Prescription: So after starting pangs, I commenced to embroider a free-hand design.

I’m exploring fabric art, but honestly I’m not sure I have the patience.

Improvisational stitching bunny:


Dragonfly lands, stares

Bees hover, collect pollen

Hummingbirds whiz by.

Art Prescription: One of the many things I love about summer is venturing out to the garden to cut fresh flowers!

If I’m quiet enough I become one with the habitat and get to observe nature swarming around me.

Watercolor with pen and ink:

Photo Friday

Fledgling by the road

U-turn, flashers on I stop

Now go call your mom!

Art Prescription: On my way to get my hair done, yes occasionally I am without a hat, I saw a bird beside the road.

Made a quick turn, put my flashers on and preceded to see about this bird.

Just a fledgling, I moved him to safety hoping his mom would come to feed him.

Per advice from birders, leave them be as fledglings leave the nest and parents still care for them.


Pink coneflower seeds

Bright yellow goldfinches feed

An August delight.

Art Prescription: here I’ve started a new watercolor. Just a loose painting of subjects.

I’ll add detail tomorrow.