Flowers have the urge

To bloom forth and see the light

And beauty evolves.

Art Prescription: index card with watercolor

Flit, flitter, and dip

Iridescent, glassy wings

The dragon of flies.

Art Prescription: this time of year dragon flies are plentiful. If you sit and watch them they give quite the show of flight tactics. They eat mosquitos!

Art journal sketch w color:

It’s simple pleasures

That make a day whole, happy

New caterpillars.

Art Prescription: went today to pick up some Black Swallowtail caterpillars. Got 5. They are all about ready to pupate. So very interesting to watch.

Index card, staple, collage w graphite:

Calling all lost souls

Come on home where there is peace

Food, water, and love.

Art Prescription: This Mandala meditation goes out to Skittles, a neighbor’s cat who is lost.

Come on home Skittles, your family misses you.

Nature Mandala:

To take a journey

Whether in your mind or real

Gives you an escape.

Art Prescription: Summer is the time for most families to escape to the beach. A change of scenery and a mix up of daily life does the spirit good.

Art Journal:

Each day a brand new

Chance to run wild for your life

The stars pull your hair.

Art Prescription: graphite sketch and watercolor:

So plant in the sun

Reap the rewards of good soil

And grow what is good.

Art Prescription: Harvested lots of fresh basil today. Made basil ice cubes to pull out one cold January night.

Put some sunny flowers in my vessels:

Acrylic over watercolor:

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