Then two roads diverged

A Great Horned Owl calls out Who

You answer with Why?

Art Prescription: Life is always asking who are you and why? Both of these answers should be about what makes you happy. What fills your soul? Gets your “aha!” attention.

Temperatures dip

A few wildflowers brave cold

As fall takes over.

Art Prescription: Reliable asters…

Expecting mother

Round with hope and joy and new

My friend is grandma.

Art Prescription: I think she wants to be called “nana.” First grandchildren often decide the name.

Here’s my almost finished baby name. Just need to put final glossy protective coat on.

Five day get-away

Westward to NC mountains

Fall wildflower hikes.

Art Prescription: Lots of birds and fall wildflowers.

Collage and watercolor pencils:

Stands still in the sun

Patient with eight year old kids

A birthday party.

Art Prescription: I’m so proud of this boy.

Wet, rocky, incline

Smokey, pepper, smell, galax

Three hundred sixty.

Art Prescription: I’m back from Asheville.

This boy and my time on the farm reassures me that all is well.

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