Dried flowers on stem

Hint, original color

Calm winter neutrals.

Art Prescription:  It was 22 degrees when I got to the farm this morning. Finn was happily eating hay, which is how horses keep warm in low temperatures. I had lots of layers and was comfortable, enjoying the bright winter sun. Later at home, I went for my usual walk and picked up a few beautiful things.

Winter collage.jpg

Soft and hard edges

Soft flower petals, hard wood

Like fire and ice.

Art Prescription: collage with staples, pen and ink drawing, and colored pencil:


Quiet in the brush

Dried grasses whisper in field

Mice burrow beneath.

Art Prescription:

Lavender bath time

Triple milled Shea butter soap

And it’s made in France.

Art Prescription: I’m a confessed Tom-boy. My morning spent happily romping around mud and horses. Brushed Finn where he’s been rolling in who knows what. Stinker.

Come nesting time, I relish a lavender bath, clean white fluffy towels, and a proper glass of Chardonnay.

Busy times galore

Snow falling across our state

Holiday card tree.

Art Prescription: watercolor and card stock

Vet day at the farm

Wait like air traffic control

Snow began to fall.

Art Prescription: 13 Horses see the vet. Cold and snowing…

Art journal with watercolor:


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