Under canopy

Two black birds tangle in heap

White hydrangea.

Art Prescription: Wings flutter, ground scatters, two black birds mate. There will be some eggs out of that tangle.

I will probably add to this watercolor:

Migration of birds

Black crackles pass through screeching

Hummers wait their turn.

Art Prescription: Working on this same theme for a commission. Final will be 24 x 48, so getting proportions right is a challenge.

Watercolor on paper:

Each flower placed with

An intention for wellness

Prayer with nature.

Art Prescription: Today’s art is a Nature mandala.

Two by two they build

Twigs, lichen, moss, and feathers

Pairs of nesting birds.

Art Prescription: Bird’s nests amaze me.

Forest awakens

Redbuds bloom pink and dark red

Dogwoods glow with white.

Art Prescription: I “coached” a class at the North Carolina Botanical Garden today on spring trees. I say coached because I’m coaching individual muses. We had fun!

Here is my demo piece where I was showing different techniques:

And here is my worked piece where I went back into the painting and added some depth. Is she done? Fun to be spontaneous!

Sweet Doc enjoying the spring grass!

Flower to flower

Pollinators begin dance

Across meadow blooms.

Art Prescription: Calling all pollinators: ants, bees, beetles, moths, and butterflies! Now is your season!

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