August front moves in

Pine straw and leaves blow about

Butterflies take note.

Art Prescription:  I love summer…bees, butterflies, hummingbirds, fresh tomatoes!

And I’m ready for cooler weather.

A very good four legged friend of mine is having surgery tomorrow. I’ve lit a special prayer candle for her and am sending her pixie healing dust!

A reverse image

Bold look in the mirror to

See the real spirit.

Art Prescription:  Looking at the truth is hard, and like the eclipse sometimes we block out what is really important. The bright glow that makes your life whole.

Hot and humid air

Ethereal light, quiet

Moon passes the sun.

Art Prescription:  I watched the eclipse out at the farm today. Here we got 93% so there was still a lot of light. It did get dim though and the natural world took notice. I made field notes and then entered my sketches into my journal. 

A romp through Michaels 

Got this really cool stencil

To try in journal.

Art Prescription:  Art journal. A place to put feelings and color. Miss my Mocha cat!

#hope #artprescription

Let’s start a campaign of hope! There is so much good being done, but the news only covers the dark and hopeless. 

What do you do within arms-reach? Hope is built one act at a time.

We the blogosphere can spread hope and love. We are artists. It’s what we do.

A brief distraction

A moment of peace, prayer

A wish of good-will.

Art Prescription:  In these turbulent times my wish for peace and good-will goes out to the many. So many hurt and angry souls. Many of us don’t know where to turn. We can only heal within an arm’s reach.

Colored pencil and watercolor:

Farrier, dentist

And a new horse to the farm

Sweat rolls down my back.

Art Prescription:  A wonderfully busy day at Blue Skies today! I drove out early hoping to get their before Bodie, the new horse, arrived on a trailer. It was shaping up to be an exciting morning around the barn. Of course Max, the barn cat, was asleep with his legs dangling in the back room.

Bodie arrived and even with all the activity, he got off the trailer cool, calm, and collected. The fact that horses live in the moment is demonstrated over and over again.

So I thought we all might need an ice-cream cone:

8 1/2 x 11 paper painting with watercolor and pen and ink:

Ice-cream cone 72.jpg

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