She looked upon nest

Wondering who she should be

And what to do next.

Art Prescription: Our Purple Finches must be new parents.

Art Journal: We all wonder who we should be any given day…

Sleep fifteen hours

And still tired, pull of bed

Sometimes we need rest.

Art Prescription: ever have days where you want to crawl back into bed with the air conditioner blasting away cool air. Cats find their sweet spot beside you and beckon you to stay put.


Sweltering hot sun

Purple Echinacea

Reaches for the blaze.

Art Prescription: I love my evening garden time, checking out what’s blooming. Purple Echinacea and gardenias are the current stars. Bee-balm which invites hummingbirds is about to burst.

Pen and ink sketch en plein air and watercolor:

A single focus

Grass! And grazing! Made for this

In our DNA.

Art Prescription: These creatures are wired to follow their DNA. They thrive on simple pleasures.

We live many names

Wife, sister, daughter, and friend

Yet there’s mystery.

Art Prescription: In all those relationships, do we know ourselves?

Art Journal:

A jewel on walk

A spectacular green leaf

And the beat goes on.

Art Prescription: Life is moving so fast. Seasons meld into each other.

Watercolor pencil sketch:

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