A New Trail

Footsteps on Orange

A path that follows a pond

Final wildflowers.

Art Prescription: We hiked Brumley Forest today. What a treat!

Found ourselves on a pond with a birding blind.

Mixed-media painting:

Paint Swatch Cats

Cool breeze rustles leaves

Fed, the cats lick their moist paws

Another sunset.

Art Prescription: I painted some fall color swatches in my journal.

Once dry I sketched cat gestures with a pen.

My feral cats are becoming more trusting.

Clean Sheets

Warm from the dryer

Sheets smell fresh and feel so soft

I cuddle in bed.

Art Prescription: I covet my bedtime. Research shows sleep is a factor in good health.

I wash my sheets in essential oils of lavender and patchouli.

Nice ride on a fall day.

Pen and ink sketch:

Long Trail

Looking down long trail

As the path gets more narrow

There are things you drop.

Art Prescription: Today we hiked new trails. I have a lot of friends in some life transition.

Life is a long trail.

And there are people, places, or events that you must leave behind and carry on and up.

Here is my journal background with added acrylic paint.