Pure instinct, the flight

The wave of wing to his mate

And the nest begins.

Art Prescription:  My chickadee batch fledged. And now a pair of blue birds are claiming the box. I adore seeing them messaging each other with subtle wing waves.

Index card with graphite and colored pencil:

Index card blue bird flight.jpeg

Watching mourning doves

She sits and wiggles to get

Her nest just perfect.

Art Prescription:  Watching birds build nests in my own backyard. Finished my marigold from yesterday. Added colored pencil and graphite.


Leaves shiver in breeze

Cool, grey, wintry, cloudy, sky

Fluffy birds huddle.

Art Prescription:  I can’t think of a better way to end the year than a nature walk with my sketchbook and my love. Just us and our footsteps together for a 25th New Years Eve. Our lives are blessed and happy, and my wish for everyone is to find the simple beauty of each and every day. Oh yea, and make some art! Here’s to 2017!

Sketchbook with pen and graphite:

Sketch book 12:31:16.jpeg


Purple coneflower

Petals whither, fresh thistle

For yellow goldfinch.

Art Prescription:  I so enjoy hearing the sweet sound of the goldfinches coming for thistle.

Watercolor with my chop that says “hope”


Subtle season shift

Leaves begin to brown and fall

Birds feed on thistle.

Art Prescription:  This colored pencil piece is based on a photo by Mary Parker Sonis, an NC wildlife photographer.

8 1/2 x 11 colored pencil

Warbler 72

In this moment, now

I feel peace, content, and safe

A mantra for all.

Index card:

ICAD 2016 July 27 1























































































































































Nature’s works of art

Design driven by instinct

Essential life.

Art Prescription:  As spring continues on her course, I’m completely in awe of how the natural world takes care of itself without missing a beat. I have two beautiful nests in my trees, one of Mourning Doves, and the other Robins. I so enjoy sneaking a peak at the females as they sit on their brood, as the males nervously bring food as an offering. Seems most bird species have the parenting thing down-pat. Each “person” knows their role and there is no arguing about who last took out the trash.

Bluebird Egg Collage – framed and listed in my Etsy shop 🙂

Blue bird egg stage