Near Hawk Visit February 17, 2014

Through binoculars

I sight movement in the trees

Hawk at my shoulder!!

Art Prescription:  Today’s haiku is momentarily interrupted for a near hawk encounter. I was writing about Mourning Doves…when through my binoculars I caught a glimpse of something in the trees. I searched, but no find. Turned to walk and right there!!! over my left shoulder sat a big hawk. He/she looked at me and I startled…I mean really jumped it was that close! Then I just got quiet and watched. I wondered why this winged beauty was braving my presence. The hawk took off then to join a mate…


Love is February 3, 2014

Love is in the air

Along with hot and cold waves

Birds look for houses.

Art Prescription:  The weather goes up and down like a roller-coaster. Warm front…arctic blast. My layers of coats and jackets hang ready in the closet. Meanwhile, the birds seem to be right on track.

Love is 2014 1

Haiku December 26, 2012 Bird Count

December bird count

Binoculars, sketchbook, time

Five miles of shear bliss!!

Art Prescription:  Yes! I am a total bird geek. Love watching these colorful, delightful, big-brown eyed beings as they dance, prance, look for food, pick berries, or fly from tree to tree. Here is my sketchbook list from Christmas Day:

2012 bird count