Reflection October 28, 2016

See your reflection?

Who does it remind you of?

Are you becoming?

Art Prescription:  People say as we get older we become more like our parents…GASP! My hope is that we become more like the good our parents taught us. And that we are able to grow into our authentic skin seeking the positive in each and every day. We have this one precious life…seek the glass half full!

Watercolor 8 1/2 x 11


Quiet Woods March 18, 2014

My steps and tree frogs

Miniature waterfalls

Only sounds in woods.

Art Prescription:  It is too quiet in the woods for a March day. After another wintry weather day, the creek is full and there is a steady drip-drop off the trees. Wet, cold, misty…why would anyone be out bird-watching!! I scan the trees for owls!! Saw a hawk and a cute little Kinglet.

Holiday Countdown 2

Haiku September 13, 2012 Chinese Brush Painting

Jet black Sumi-ink

Brush strokes capture the essence

Moment on paper.

Art Prescription:  I went to a Chinese Brush Stroke class today at the NC Botanical Garden taught by Alice, her American name. With a gentle demeanor she demonstrates the ancient art of brush painting. She teaches us it’s not about the accuracy of the painting, but the feeling…the Chi, and make sure to leave room in your painting for movement of energy. We worked on herons today. And swallows!