Pure instinct, the flight

The wave of wing to his mate

And the nest begins.

Art Prescription:  My chickadee batch fledged. And now a pair of blue birds are claiming the box. I adore seeing them messaging each other with subtle wing waves.

Index card with graphite and colored pencil:

Index card blue bird flight.jpeg

A blue bird of hope

Lives within the open heart

Ready to take flight.

Art Prescription:  My chop says, “hope,” or “rare expectation” in Chinese.


Blue bird of hope 1.jpeg

Cold front moving in

Wind whips tree branches, rattles

Blue birds hunker down.

Art Prescription:  What a fuss? Blue birds claiming territory so early? Perhaps a warm box seems like a good idea!


Blue bird

Gentle falls the snow

Birds perch, shake off now and then

Sunflower seed, gone!

Art Prescription:  Lovely snow and lucky my job does not require me to leave my cozy nest. When I worked as a nurse in the hospital, I used to go no matter what.  Thank you to all the workers who are out there trying to keep people safe. The beautiful colors of the birds stands out against the stark white. Here is a sketch I will color tomorrow…stay tuned.

bird blue birds snow


Cold hush across field

Except for the sound of wind

Blue birds hold on tight.

Art Prescription:  Today at Mason Farm we saw lots of blue-birds. Against the very cold and brown winter back-drop they appear like gems!!

blue birds Jan

Rewards at daybreak

Pink clouds and blue birds, light sky

Perfect stillness, awe!

Art Prescription:  Just…well…the sky.

digital sunset

Love is in the air

He soars from tree, blue twinkles

Spring-fling, flirty bird!!

Art Prescription:  After an ice storm 4 days ago, today it’s about 70 degrees here in North Carolina! Step outdoors and you would think spring has launched. The birds know it’s time to start the dance!!

love collage