A flicker of blue

Against golden hues of  fall

He dips, catches bug!

Art Prescription:  Saw a group of blue birds on my walk! They hop from branch to branch, occasionally diving to the ground for a treat. Brilliant jewel color!


Hot! Morning doves coo,

Air conditioners spin, roar

Dragonflies flicker.

Art Prescription:  Has summer always been this hot? Seems 90 degrees plus forecast for weeks on end. Our backyard bird bath is very popular; families of blue birds enjoying a dip, so cute how they stand guard for one another. The simple pleasure of bird watching always brings me joy. I think I saw some sort of Tanager!! I’m reminded through my own ah-hahs that it really is about the simple pleasures.


Soft green moss, pine straw layer

Fit for a Blue Bird.

Art Prescription:  My Blue Birds have launched from their nest. We took the old nest out with hopes that the same couple will build again for another brood. Bird’s nests amaze me. To think of the planning and work it took to build layer after layer of moss, grasses, and pine straw with one beak full at a time…now that is commitment. I enjoyed watching this pair find the box, build, and then feed their fledglings. In our world of over stimulation and too much technological input, parents racing around from event to event, telling their children “hurry we’ll be late,” and who wants to hear music every where you go, especially in the grocery store, world, a little focus is a good thing. While they are parenting, birds have the sole focus of raising their young and getting them launched. Obviously there is something to learn here! Why is it we humans think we can do everything all the time?

She softly chortles

He lands confident above

A brand new nest waits.

Art Prescription: It’s so delightful to observe birds in spring. My new blue bird box has interested chickadees and blue birds. I’m not sure who will end up with the property. I’m teaching an Art Prescription workshop tomorrow. We will be working with collage and expressive painting. Paint, drip, spatter, cut, glue, write….anything goes!!

Cobalt blue with wings

Perches a top dark branches

Pair by pair they sing.

Art Prescription: Blue birds have a distinctive sound. I love hearing them and then searching the tree tops to find a male calling out for his mate. Listen and look…watch.