Are you in tangles?

The more you pull, tighter knot

What if you let go?

Art Prescription: Relationships are complicated. Sometimes we find ourselves tangled up in someone else’s story.

Then the more involved we get the tighter the boundary lines are drawn.

What if we are willing to let go? Quit trying so hard to please!

Transformation August 2, 2016

And then it all comes

Together, the path, vision

Flight, freedom, take place.

Art Prescription:  From the mosaic I did for yesterday’s post I then negative painted and butterflies took flight out of chaos. What fun to start with a random design and find magic on the page!!

8 1/2 x 11 mixed media with collage and negative painting

Butterflies mosaic

Be Who You Are September 21, 2015

Blue in the face from

Trying to be heard, the rose

Became a daisy.

Art Prescription:  So why not be a daisy in the first place? Did she think a rose was better? When we find ourselves projecting, over explaining (boy that takes a lot of energy), feeling defensive, being judgmental, it’s time to dust off our boundary lessons. When we feel we have reincarnated the goddess Kali and start on a destructive rampage, it’s time to dust off our boundary lessons. From Pixie Lighthorse’s Boundaries Boot Camp with Mountain Lion:

“In healthy relationships, a boundaries practice and language feels like self-care. They might feel more like good, sturdy fences in less-than-healthy ones. You can still see over them. Energy can still pass through from a safe distance, but trespassing is not permitted.”

Reach for the sun dear daisy, grow and be gracious. We cannot all be daisies!

8 x 8 alcohol ink on watercolor paper:

Alcohol ink daisy 1

Glide Two August 26, 2015

She knows her domain

Is at one with elements

Shows you who she is.

Art Prescription:  A friend of mine recently reminded me, “If people show you who they are, believe them.” Once again I’m drawn to the deeper consciousness that is our animal world. Always asking what can we learn?

This is my second sea turtle. The first one I did with alcohol inks which was fun and bright and bold. This one is softer, done with watercolor. 8 1/2 x 11 watercolor

Sea Turtle 1

Learning from Horses August 25, 2015

Simple boundaries

Ancient way of the horse herd


Art Prescription:  Boundaries…we all have them. I’ve done a lot of work this past year on learning about boundaries, including a course with Pixie Lighthorse called Boundaries Bootcamp. Thank you Pixie. And thank you horses. As I watch your simple and most of the time gentle interactions you keep your boundaries and those of others clean and neat. Pixie would say, “keep your side of the street clean.” As I get busier with art and an exciting launch coming soon!, I find myself needing to set better boundaries, where I choose to spend my energy or not. This is good stuff folks! It means getting clearer and more balanced in your life and the ongoing daily exchange of energy. Aho!

Index card with colored pencil and my chop “hope”

Index card horse boundaries

Split Personality May 23, 2014

Two worlds, artist, nurse

Some days my hat does not fit

Either, want to rest!

Art Prescription:  I’ve been weaving my two worlds of nursing and art together for about 10 years…maybe 11…or all my life…which came first? I love both in many ways. Often it’s the transition that is hardest. What hats do you wear? Which hat fits you best? Fits your spirit?



Horse’s Truth Serum May 21, 2014

Afraid of corners?

Are you holding on too tight?

Can you sit back, down?

Art Prescription:  I’m practicing awareness. Where does my energy go? Who and whom do I allow into my space, my energy field? When do I feel empowered, energized, and when do I feel depleted? Working with horses at Blue Skies of Mapleview is humbling. The horses, with their soft knowing gaze, are helping me get in touch with a couple of things, and it’s all that and more!

pink saddle 72