Learning from Horses August 25, 2015

Simple boundaries

Ancient way of the horse herd


Art Prescription:  Boundaries…we all have them. I’ve done a lot of work this past year on learning about boundaries, including a course with Pixie Lighthorse called Boundaries Bootcamp. Thank you Pixie. And thank you horses. As I watch your simple and most of the time gentle interactions you keep your boundaries and those of others clean and neat. Pixie would say, “keep your side of the street clean.” As I get busier with art and an exciting launch coming soon!, I find myself needing to set better boundaries, where I choose to spend my energy or not. This is good stuff folks! It means getting clearer and more balanced in your life and the ongoing daily exchange of energy. Aho!

Index card with colored pencil and my chop “hope”

Index card horse boundaries

7 thoughts on “Learning from Horses August 25, 2015

    • It was a great course and I review my notes often. Seems whenever I’m feeling pushed, addled, or my “somethings not right with this picture” button is going off, it’s about boundaries. It really does free up some energy, when you realize someone has taken advantage of you and you need to set some boundaries. I’m also trying to be more aware of how I might cross the line too. You can go to Pixie Lighthorse’s site. She had a video at one point that was a boundary overview. She offers lots of other goodies about animal medicine!!

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