Make Your Next Move

It’s a cat and mouse

A play of senses and game

Now, make your next move.

Art Prescription: I’m trying to maintain my sense of humor through these times.

Did yoga in my garage while our state is under weather watch.

Always a found feather gives me hope!


A gift box! peaches

The scent of home-made cobbler

My Nanny’s pie crust.

Art Prescription: My favorite yellow cat Matilda was a super good girl while her parents were on vacation.


Today is tangled

Threads are tight, bits and pieces

Life in pandemic.

Art Prescription: As much as I relish keeping a positive upbeat, there is art that reflects our times.

Slow Stitching with fabric and embroidery:


Packing a lifetime

Downsizing into smaller

And one level please.

Art Prescription: It seems we spend the first half of our lives accumulating stuff. Then as we age we begin to not need as much, and eventually we need a one story home.

My neighbors are moving to a retirement village. I’m painting their house as a going away gift.


Full Day

So, it occurs to me that I have not sat down since my feet hit the floor this morning!

I’m taking care of two neighbor’s cats and watering their plants daily in this heat!

I swam and walked at Hillsborough Riverwalk with a friend!

Listed a new Stitch Kit in Etsy and worked on a house portrait.

7 pm I’m in bed!!


Heat of the bright sun

Radiates off my skin now

After a shower.

Art Prescription: and these are two shower days! Biked this morning and then walked this afternoon.

For an indoor cool activity I did list a new Stitch Kit in my Etsy shop!

This one is for kids and beginners! So fun!!


Ask for what you want

And know what you need right now

Freedom of spirit.

Art Prescription: Why is it so hard for us to ask for what we want?

Complicated question in complicated times.

Watercolor sketch:

Diva Chronicles

Hi from heat infested N.C.!

So, personally, I like sunbathing:

Today we went to historic Pullen Park in Raleigh. I hiked a bunched, but stairs? Excuse me? I don’t do stairs!!!

I do need a proper water bottle for these warm days, but for now I’m happy to drink from improvised cups. I’m pretty flexible.

I was very tired on the way home. Dreaming of catching squirrels!

So long,