Trail Ride

Sun dapples on trail

Clip clop of horse hooves through rich

Autumn kissed forest.

Finn and I walked for a couple of miles through beautiful fall-like trails. He was such a good boy!


Watched with a hawk’s eye

Critical observation

No love accomplished!

If you have ever felt judge and watched and criticized, you know that you were bound to fumble.

On the other hand if you have been lifted with confidence and praised, you are bound to soar above your challenge.

Never allow people to disbelieve in you.

Only Believe in yourself!! You are great! Keep at it!!

Me and my boy Finn bareback!!!!

Diva Chronicles

Hi everyone!

It’s been a while since I posted how I’m doing.

Life is good!

I’m a very spoiled North Carolina dog at this point. Las Vegas is a memory now.

I really love my daily walks around the pond near my house, and sometimes I go on hikes in my front-pac. I’m happy exploring new turf.

Speaking of new turf, momma moved her horse Finn to a new barn! Very exciting!

We are all getting used to our new digs!