So Zeta made her way across North Carolina. Our freshly raked yard is a mess of leaves and pine needles.

Too windy for a safe horse ride, so we did horse anatomy with oil pastels.

I absolutely love children’s artsy souls!

And my sketches.

En Plein Air

This morning I headed out to the barn to sketch en plein Air!

I set up in the shade. Horses are difficult to draw. Lots of proportions and shading to get right.

When sketching, I’m mostly interested in capturing a gesture.

I worked with oil pastels and sumi ink:


July heat beats down

Took an early morning ride

Cool spray for my Finn.

Art Prescription: I got to the barn about 8:30. The heat magnified by the hour.

Finn got a cool spray off from hose. Oh that felt so good!

Bought a set of oil pastels at the Scrap Exchange. Played with some sketching..,