Clean-Up Crew May 7, 2016

Road-side clean up crew

Beauty comes in many ways

The turkey vulture.

Art Prescription:  As I drove about country roads this morning, I encountered several instances where turkey vultures were having their breakfast. Now I know this is when most go oooooooohhhhh! But perhaps we need to have more respect for these street cleaners. I didn’t paint one because I do not have a great photo reference, but next time you see some big wings circling high above give credit to the vultures of our world.

Index card with stamp and colored pencil:

Index card script

Learning from Horses August 25, 2015

Simple boundaries

Ancient way of the horse herd


Art Prescription:  Boundaries…we all have them. I’ve done a lot of work this past year on learning about boundaries, including a course with Pixie Lighthorse called Boundaries Bootcamp. Thank you Pixie. And thank you horses. As I watch your simple and most of the time gentle interactions you keep your boundaries and those of others clean and neat. Pixie would say, “keep your side of the street clean.” As I get busier with art and an exciting launch coming soon!, I find myself needing to set better boundaries, where I choose to spend my energy or not. This is good stuff folks! It means getting clearer and more balanced in your life and the ongoing daily exchange of energy. Aho!

Index card with colored pencil and my chop “hope”

Index card horse boundaries

Color Yourself August 24, 2015

Fall wildflowers bloom

Dot the meadows and woods for

Butterflies to feed.

Art Prescription:  Hiked Mason Farm this past weekend. Beautiful wildflowers and lots of butterflies. Feeds my muse.

Here is a little drawing for you to color! You can print it off and color with your favorite art tools! Secret…I’m working on a new Art Prescription (™) adult coloring product…due out October!

Index card with pen and ink:

Index card butterfly color 1