Tide of Life

Bits, pieces, and whole

The tide brings in all of life

Each day with sunrise.

Art Prescription: No matter where we are in life, the sun rises. We must face the day with our good times and in times of loss.

Time heals our losses, and hope moves us forward.

Art Journal:


Pure power from seed

This plant has a will, success

Her only mission.

Art Prescription: Again I turn to the power of nature. She has no sorrow, regrets, blames no one for her being, and just gets out there and works to bloom her very best. The sun looks down and says well done my little flower.

Watercolor hibiscus:

Home Sweet Home

Hi guys!!

I’m home from the beach and our house had spotty reception. Not a bad thing for vacation I suppose.

I did post daily on Instagram.

This morning I did a grandson and grandmother (social distancing) art class in my backyard. What fun!

Hope you all are staying healthy and creative as our changed world moves forward.



Taking the Bate

Spoken word dangles

A bit of fodder for mind

You don’t take the bate.

Art Prescription: have you ever been tested!? When you know someone is trying to get you to take the bate?

Do you realize when others cross boundaries due to their issues?

Relationships are challenging. I really just want to cruise down the middle lane….

Everything I Need

Just outside my door

Is everything I need

Backyard paradise.

Art Prescription: I know some of you have really suffered with Covid. I feel so fortunate to be such a home-body.

En Plein Air watercolor: Bee Balm:

Beach Time

Jimmy Buffet song

Coffee over-looking sea

Palms wave in the breeze.

Art Prescription: Summer vacations this year may be different for many.

That doesn’t stop you from going to the beach in your mind.

Watercolor sketch:


Are you in tangles?

The more you pull, tighter knot

What if you let go?

Art Prescription: Relationships are complicated. Sometimes we find ourselves tangled up in someone else’s story.

Then the more involved we get the tighter the boundary lines are drawn.

What if we are willing to let go? Quit trying so hard to please!