A gift box! peaches

The scent of home-made cobbler

My Nanny’s pie crust.

Art Prescription: My favorite yellow cat Matilda was a super good girl while her parents were on vacation.


The world is a bit overwhelming. This is a post of gratitude. My life is very blessed. I’m grateful for each day, my health, my friends and neighbors. My husband.

My animals…

Patient Husband January 22, 2017

In every room

I have strewn my clutter, dreams


Art Prescription:  My husband is very patient with my creative adventures. I have a lovely studio behind our house, and I still manage to clutter, strew, and create in most every room in our house. My art, scraps, journals, books, fabric, the list goes on…can be found everywhere. I’m a neat person…or at least I used to be, before the muse took over my world. And it’s absolutely grand. Thanks honey!

Here is my sewing crew. We are putting together Art Prescription Kits!


Wind Chimes January 3, 2017

Delicate wind chimes

Play tender notes to announce

Snow in the forecast.

Art Prescription:  And my back-yard birds are talking about it too. Today I didn’t even need a coat. Grey wintry weather suits my sleepy cats.

Brush painting on index card:

Index card mocha .jpeg