Patient Husband January 22, 2017

In every room

I have strewn my clutter, dreams


Art Prescription:  My husband is very patient with my creative adventures. I have a lovely studio behind our house, and I still manage to clutter, strew, and create in most every room in our house. My art, scraps, journals, books, fabric, the list goes on…can be found everywhere. I’m a neat person…or at least I used to be, before the muse took over my world. And it’s absolutely grand. Thanks honey!

Here is my sewing crew. We are putting together Art Prescription Kits!


Wind Chimes January 3, 2017

Delicate wind chimes

Play tender notes to announce

Snow in the forecast.

Art Prescription:  And my back-yard birds are talking about it too. Today I didn’t even need a coat. Grey wintry weather suits my sleepy cats.

Brush painting on index card:

Index card mocha .jpeg


Sketching with Matilda November 15, 2016

Warm and cozy eve

Care for a special kitty

Sketch with Matilda.

Art Prescription:  Those of you who have been reading my blog for a while know Matilda, the cat I helped rescue from 9 degree winter nights. She then found her forever home with my neighbors, and lucky me I pet sit her often as they are world travelers! I love her like one of my own, and when her parents are gone I sketch and read at her house.


Panther July 16, 2016

Hunter wanna be

Slips out the door routinely

Inside panther cat.

Art Prescription:  My two cats are content as they can be, inside lazing around. But not my third catICAD 2016 July 16 Matisse!! Matisse howls incessantly to go outside, and he slips under my feet like a bolt of lightening when I go out the door, escaping into the big outdoors. He usually stops short of the driveway and dives into the grass. It’s a dilemma! I know I love outdoors, but safety comes first. I allow him to explore sometimes with me chasing behind him as if he were a toddler.

Index card and watercolor: