Patient Husband January 22, 2017

In every room

I have strewn my clutter, dreams


Art Prescription:  My husband is very patient with my creative adventures. I have a lovely studio behind our house, and I still manage to clutter, strew, and create in most every room in our house. My art, scraps, journals, books, fabric, the list goes on…can be found everywhere. I’m a neat person…or at least I used to be, before the muse took over my world. And it’s absolutely grand. Thanks honey!

Here is my sewing crew. We are putting together Art Prescription Kits!


4 thoughts on “Patient Husband January 22, 2017

  1. My hubby is the same – he tolerates all my creative chaos as I leave a trail through the house. Sounds like we are lucky ladies in that way! However, it looks like your fluffy helpers need a little caffeine 😺☕️😁

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