Shed November 1, 2015

As the trees shed leaves

So begins winter season

Birds sing renewal.

Art Prescription:  As we begin the season of Yin, going into the darker days, I have a sense of renewal. Cleaning the clutter from the year…preparing for the holidays and my open studio.

Index card with Sumi-ink:

Index card Nov birds

Warblers May 11, 2015

Big song from tree tops

Hard to find this small warbler


Art Prescription:  Throughout our stay at Primland we kept hearing a distinct song in the tree-tops. Finally yesterday I got a view of this small warbler. It’s a guess, but

IIndex card Prothonotary think it’s a Prothonotary Warbler.

In Spirit January 3, 2015

Farm sanctuary

Fresh air, a religion

Horses my teachers.

Art Prescription:  I’ve spent much of my holiday time out at the farm. It occurs to me that I’m learning patience, tolerance, and that throwing bales of hay to horses is extremely therapeutic!! Lovely views…

Art Journal Collage.

art journal farm

My Brother December 28, 2014

Lean on me today

I will stand tall and strong now

Catch you if you fall.

Art Prescription:  This post is for my brother, who reminded me over the holidays that he is here for me. Through thick and thin he is there to lean on.

Index Card, pen and ink, colored pencil, stamp = hope

index card lean

Spirit of Christmas Past December 22, 2014

Christmas tangerines

In a pretty box with nuts

Under grandma’s tree.

Art Prescription:  The holidays can be rough. Seems family dynamics are amplified. The world is spinning too fast. And most of us just want it to be over so our lives can get back to normal. Did our grandparents feel this way? I have some pretty super memories of simple gifts of fruit and nuts under my grandmother’s multi-colored light tree. I think we expect way too much out of ourselves!! Go easy…

Index card

index card christmas past